Healthy food is easy to grow, to cook and to share.
Like anything in life you only need the time to make it happen.
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Name a consumable that is easy to make and just as easy to …..

Tea Towel hides nothing

Eat? In our house it is the ever so humble pikelet! Many people of the       ‘fill in the gap’     generation – I’m really sorry but I can’t remember what decade I was born in sometimes, let alone having to remember all of these X, Y, B1 or B2 generations. Oh no, sorry, …

Simple juicing steps to better health

Healthy Living

Apples, carrots, celery and ginger. These four ingredients are the base of any juices I make in my Breville juicer. This is not a scientific study; nor is it taken from any health journals. This is my experience with juicing. I was lucky enough to be bought a juice machine a couple of years ago …

Poached eggs personified! People pleasers.

Poached eggs nestled on lettuce varieties, avocado, pine nuts

Those perfect poached eggs that are placed in front of you when you have just finished your first cup of coffee at your favourite cafe. How do they do it? I have had a few tips from my son (a chef) and although I have in no way perfected the ‘cafe’ egg; I am happy …

Take one: Kiwifruit

Growing on the vine in NZ

Suggestions on ripening kiwifruit! Take your kiwifruit (or chinese gooseberry as many NZers still call it!) * It changed from the chinese gooseberry to kiwifruit around 1959. * The first chinese gooseberry was brought into New Zealand in 1906 – yes you guessed it – from China! Take one kiwifruit and an apple or a …

Take five: Important ingredients.

ginger and garlic!

cinnamon. . oregano.. cumin .. turmeric .. and ginger Five best herbs and spices for you. Ginger:  As it has anti-inflammatory properties, it means ginger may also help provide relief from hot flashes. It has been long used to treat nausea and motion sickness. I grate ginger on almost all of our dinner dishes pre-cooking. It’s …