Name a consumable that is easy to make and just as easy to …..

Tea Towel hides nothing


In our house it is the ever so humble pikelet!

Many people of the       ‘fill in the gap’     generation – I’m really sorry but I can’t remember what decade I was born in sometimes, let alone having to remember all of these X, Y, B1 or B2 generations.

Oh no, sorry, B1 and B2 were bananas who danced around on our TV sets back in the day weren’t they? Remember this?

Bananas in Pajamas

What generation are B1 and B2?

Anyhow, where was I?  (Are you back from watching the link above on You Tube?) Oh yes, people born after the 90’s probably haven’t come across the pikelet on their trip to the cafe for a coffee! Whether it be the wonderful, ‘The Coffee Club ‘ franchise or indeed Starbucks which are dotted all around the country. No, what you’ll find to eat at these ‘cafes’ are muffins – feta cheese and bacon, berry and custard – brownies, and of course the ever so delicious red velvet cake – which I have promised him-indoors that I will make, one day!

No, if you want to find the humble pikelet chances are you will find it packaged and perfect in your local supermarket. It has that sort of rubbery feel to it, slightly puffed and of course consistency of colour.

Nothing like the pikelet that has been consumed in our house over the years! It’s a favourite of him-indoors. When I mention the word, ‘pikelet’ his eyes light up and he looks very merry (put him in a red suit and ….. yeah well he doesn’t like it when people say he could be St Nick’s brother!) but if the shoe fits wear it! – oh that’s another blog I shared the other day, (go to SEARCH  and look for, Do you buy online? – somewhere in there you’ll read about shoes and the ‘fitting of’!

Whoa, back up there – if you’re starting to wonder where this is going to remember what this Blog, The Second Drawer is all about – it’s random – so bear (using it as a ‘verb’) with! (thank you Miranda!)

Edmonds Cookery Book

So where this is going is me sharing with you the simplest of cakes/biscuits to make. You’ll find it in the Edmonds Cookery book – which every, I mean, EVERY home should have, whether it’s the latest edition or an old flour and egg covered one like mine; with pages torn and turned for every time I have used it for my sons that I have had the pleasure to bake for.

This cookery book becomes a food memory, of each time I have turned a page and had one of my boys – standing on a ‘hippo’ stool – beside me ready to lick the beater or clean the bowl. And by the way it’s no mean feat getting your tongue into the gaps between the beater, Takes a lot of perseverance and tenacity to get every last morsel!

The recipe is so important to me that in case I lost the original from the Edmonds Cookery Book,  I have written it down in short hand on two or three nondescriptive pieces of white paper – I need to write it in ‘THE’ recipe book before I lose it – as often I have, and I have had to rummage through all my free-flowing recipes which I have many of!

Pikelets for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


1 egg               1/4 c white sugar        Beat until well mixed – with a hand beater (or similar)

In a separate bowl:

Sift one cup of plain flour, 1 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp salt

Mix 1/2 cup of milk with the egg and sugar mixture into the dried ingredients.

Mix all together until smooth and make your pikelets!

I use a hot griddle on the element, drop a tsp or two of butter and once it has melted and slightly ‘smoking’, I then drop ‘soup spoonfuls’ onto it. When bubbles start to come; I flip and finish off, voila!

Now – normally the first batch of  5 or so are the testers, and don’t worry because there are normally enough (only takes two – one to lift the towel and the other to remove) willing hands around to test the ‘testers’ !

As with all cooking make sure you are ‘cooking with love’ and you can’t go wrong!

Toppings vary from:

The simple: butter or margarine spread and then eat! Or

You can use raspberry, strawberry or any jam you choose, with a dash of cream and  pop in your mouth.

home grown rhubarb

I used some home cooked rhubarb – no sugar added – and plopped on top of my pikelet – yum!


Oh.. and a warning – you’ll need to double the mixture the second time you make them! Or else the picture below will be what you see with a blink of the eye!It happens all too quickly!

AND – This tea towel will never disguise what lies beneath – believe me I have tried over the years but there is always someone who lifts and finds!!
Tea Towel hides nothing


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