Blocking Stupidity or Stupidity Blocking?

Try it another way, unless it's a square peg and a round hole!

The title of this blog came from the other night when I arrived home from work. It was cold, cold for Auckland anyhow, and I had worked a couple of extra hours overtime so I was sort of over it!
Him-indoors would probably say that I am always like I was that night – a bit quirky, never knowing what I was going to say, or even where my mind travels to, to get to the point where I open my mouth and say things! – it travels a distance sometimes, and other times, well it’s right on the tip of my tongue! * great song by the way, Youtube it – oh, ok, I will find it for you – Diesel 1992 (let me know what you think of it.. it’s quite catchy)
Okay, so I’m home, I came in from the cold to the house, which was quite cold also due to lack of double-glazing and some areas where the cold creeps in through the cracks. I was ‘sharked’ by our cat Muggins, so I picked him up and scratched around his chin and ears. I decided to stick my cold finger in his ear to see if it was warm, and for some reason the cat didn’t like this; he proceeded to disentangle himself from me and jump to the floor but not before giving me a not-so-friendly nip! on the way down.

Him-indoors said, “Well you deserved that!”. I looked at him-indoors through raised eyebrows and took a step towards him with my ‘finger’ leading the way. Now this is where the fun started, with full intent to stick my finger in HIS ear to determine the temperature, he lifted his arm in a blocking motion. I retreated my finger, took another jab, at which he blocked me again, sort of wax-on, wax-off from The Karate Kid!

I stated my purpose for leading with my finger and that there was no need for him to block me……..
Him-indoors response was ‘Blocking stupidity’ We laughed and I returned the ‘compliment’ with ‘Stupidity blocking..” I’ll call that a draw!-er!! A moment of time that would never have happened if my ‘brain didn’t do what it does’ – we certainly do make our own futures don’t we?Continue persistency

Quote from Forrest Gump – Stupid is as stupid does

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results  РAlbert Einstein


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