101 Beetroot

Freshly picked from our garden


Beetroot isn’t for everyone …… but you can’t ‘beet’ it!

I’m a huge fan of the beetroot. Not only because of how it tastes but also because of how good I know it is for me. My son (the chef) made a beetroot dessert, it was different and I’d probably try it again – not so him-indoors …. he’s definitely not a starter for any beetroot dessert (or beetroot ‘full-stop). Him-indoors is not a fan – not at all! Well this works for me – I get to enjoy it all by myself. One thing I will say though is although he’s not a fan, he still grows it for me. I really am the lucky one!

Beetroot planted and grown in tubs
We mostly garden in tubs or pots

Beetroot is:  a great source of iron and folate. It also contains nitrates, betaine, magnesium and other antioxidants.

Health claims include: suggestions that beetroot can help lower blood pressure, boost exercise performance and prevent dementia! Drinking beetroot juice regularly apparently helps rid your body of toxins – which can only be good for your skin and the aging process. (As always, check first with a small amount to make sure that you have no allergies )

Check out (*points to over there) my simple juice recipe in my blog where I include raw beetroot, it’s delicious!

We also use the baby leaves for our fresh summer salads.

We (well he) grow the beetroot in tubs, easy to move around to where the sun is.

Our home grown beetroot
One of our tubs of my fav. The beetroot!



Beetroot – how grandma used to serve it

Cook your beets (around 1-2 hours depending on their size)

Allow to cool, peel and either slice thinly or cut into rough cubes.

Pour some malt vinegar over with some sugar dissolved in boiling water – and that’s it!

Or try this delicious relish!

Beetroot Relish

3-4 small, cooked beetroot

1 heaped tsp cream horse radish

2 tsp capers

Cracked pepper – 2-3 grinds

Mix all together and enjoy!

I love mine on the side with barbequed meat, or roast beef, and on its on!


If you can’t beet it join it!




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