Electric cars – the sound of the future.

Be in the present.. the future has arrived!
Nissen Leaf
Nissan Leaf

The race is on! The electric car range is growing with car makers introducing more models. I really like the look of the electric car. I’ve yet to drive one, or be inside one but I’m actually not adverse to them now…. and that’s a lot coming from me! If they can sort out the range and/or have enough charging stations around the country then hey they could just work!

I wonder if that means we won’t have all those slow campervans clogging up our coastal roads? Will campervans be able to travel faster? If the answer is yes then I’m definitely for the Electric Vehicle (EV). EV’s an obvious acronym, but wait there are more:

An ICE is Internal Combustion Engine; EV Electric Vehicle; BEV Battery Electric Vehicle; HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle;  PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle.

Tesla white



Pretty sexy for an electric car! The Tesla
The sexy Tesla

Who is going to flood the market first with the much talked about electric car?

It’ll all depend on the price for a lot of would be punters. Remember how expensive the flat screen TV’s were when they first came out?
Motoring test First 1000 km in the Toyota Prius (NZ test)

The Tesla electric car looks pretty sexy to me!
What are the benefits of the electric car? What are the prices?

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