America’s Cup: When two tribes go to war!


How exciting is this? We are now at match point.

Will Emirates Team New Zealand bring the America’s Cup home to Auckland, New Zealand? With only one race to go the tension is rising. Over 210,000 people following  #ETNZ on their facebook page, plus no doubt 10’s of 1000’s  who are following them via all other media available – the interest and excitement is amazing! (So much so that it has taken over from the All Blacks and the current British and Irish Lions tour!) We have a new cup to focus on!

I travel each morning from the North Shore of Auckland to the city and over the last few weeks there has been a definite ebb and flow of traffic in the hours between 6.15 and 6.45 am since the Louis Vuitton and America’s Cup racing has hit our screens and air ways.

I took the day off work today in hopes that I would be watching  the final race this morning – I even sent the team a message saying: No pressure but I have taken Monday off so I can watch the ‘final’ race… It didn’t happen but I’ll happily be on the road 5 minutes late tomorrow to watch the first race – and hopefully the last.

Since the media questions at the ‘after match function’,  speculation has taken on a new course. Is Jimmy going to be taken off the helm? Do they have nasty plans afoot to crash into ETNZ and with a novice on the helm it can be seen more as an accident rather than on purpose? NB: Novice meaning, not helmed Oracle in the 2017 final in Bermuda.

We will have to wait and see, but one thing we do know is that Jimmy and his team will be going out there to win (and maybe at all costs!). What we also know is that Pete and his mighty team will have their eyes on Oracle (whoever the helmsman is) and will only have their eyes on the America’s Cup when they cross the finish line first! (every pun intended).











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