Rugby – It’s a passion. Is it yours?

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New Zealand - Land of Rugby's world cup!Where do you start?
How can you describe a game where passion runs so high you can find yourself and him-indoors at opposite sides of the couch.
It’s true. Well it’s true when our two rugby teams are playing each other, and if I’m to be really honest it is also true when my team is playing anyone else and him-indoors makes some comment about how brilliant the pass, kick or decision was, when it was against my beloved team!

You see I am so one-eyed that I haven’t really stopped to see if he is doing it on purpose. If him-indoors is just riling me up. To get me to bite and put on my,”but it’s my team, and they are not playing your team, so stop supporting the other team” face. Anyhow it’ll probably continue until we are much older, and much grayer! And I’ll continue to be one-eyed; and so will he!

But at least we’ll still have the passion!

Note: If you’re a rugby supporter in New Zealand – home of the Rugby World Cup – or you’ve travelled here and watched/heard how the rugby supporters are here, then you’ll understand.

Ps: Him-indoors says that he supports any good plays of the ball, any great tries – yeah, nay not if it’s against his team!!

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