Poached eggs personified! People pleasers.

Poached eggs nestled on lettuce varieties, avocado, pine nuts

Those perfect poached eggs that are placed in front of you when you have just finished your first cup of coffee at your favourite cafe. How do they do it?
I have had a few tips from my son (a chef) and although I have in no way perfected the ‘cafe’ egg; I am happy to call my poached eggs perfect (for a home cook!)

Prep: take a medium to large sized pan – to allow water to simmer (just bubbling) and eggs to tumble.
Add: a teaspoon (or so) of malt vinegar and bring up to boil.
Add: your eggs. Now I crack each egg into a small egg-sized ramekin, then individually (and as quickly as possible) pour carefully into the tumbling water. Once all eggs are in I then turn down the heat and
carefully swirl the water around and over the whites and yolks of the eggs. I give them about 30 secs to tumble around on their own and then take them out with a sieved spoon.

I would say the eggs are in no longer than 2 minutes but as we all have different ideas of boiling and non-boiling water just use your ‘cooks’ eye and work out that the whites are formed and the yolk is still wobbling. Voila the perfect poach egg!

I lie mine down on home-grown baby spinach, sprinkled with finely cut chives. I then sprinkle randomly with pine nuts, crack over some black pepper and Himalayan salt. Poached eggs on a bed of spinach, chives and pine nuts
Note: I don’t normally have any bread with this dish but if I did I would lightly toast some yummy ciabatta (no butter). Perfect for dipping in the egg yolk.
Eggs supply high quality protein, have no carbs or sugar and keep you fuller for longer!


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