Lions 2017 tour! Rugby but not as we know it

Crusaders V Lions
Izzy Dagg Haka 2017 with a touch of grass!
Crusaders Haka with a touch of grass!

If the forwards  (made up mostly by All Blacks) couldn’t work out what was going on in the scrums during the night of a full moon in Crusader land who could?

The referee Mathieu Raynal – yes a frenchman –  was giving penalties away when the scrum hadn’t even had time to set – go figure! Even when the All Blacks – whoops – I mean Crusaders lifted them and pushed them over so they were lying on the ground face to face and Cory was telling them a ‘story’, they were penalised. What’s that all about? It certainly was a game of North V South.

Yes the Crusaders were beaten  (and yes the Crusaders are my Super rugby team of choice! I am what you call an Aucklander who supports the Crusaders/Canterbury team – for very sound reasons and you can ask me in the comments box to tell you why, you won’t believe the initial reason as to why I started following them….  and I am a huge supporter of Manawatu of the era of the mid-1970’s to 1980’s and I’ll expand on this in another Blog! which I will call The Mighty Manawatu), but I expected that if the Crusaders were to be beaten then it would be fair and square and I wanted to watch a game of rugby, not a game of let’s blow the whistle; let’s penalise the wrong team, and better still let’s allow the men from the North to play in the offside position as much as possible! To me it was a, “Game of Throw-ups”, the worst case of reflux I have ever seen.

Rugby is the type of game that grown men (and women) play. It’s the game that children watch and dream of becoming the best that they can and that is by becoming an All Black.

As one wise broadcaster mentioned today, please, please don’t let the AB’s play the way of the British and Ireland Lions team by reverting to their ways, ways from last century which were so boring and predictable.

The  Crusaders needed to play their game, all of the game, unfortunately they didn’t and they allowed the Lions in. Let’s hope the ABs have watched the men from the North long and hard (we know they have!) and they’ll be putting players in the 15 positions who will drag the mighty game back into this century! Go the ABs and anyone else who plays the Lions on this tour!

The referee won’t be Mathieu Raynal for any of the upcoming tests!




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      Yes . Well as long as red is somewhere in the picture it’ll work.. Did I mention one of my drinks of choice is RED wine!

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      Well as I said the initial reason is quite inane! You see it is all about the colour red! I had a mobile phone through Vodafone (red), followed Manchester United (red), Ferrari (only colour to have is red). And of course the Crusaders(Canterbury) RED …. and now of course they are the hottest!! (denoted by you guessed it Red!)

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