‘BREAKING NEWS’ – or not! Louis Vuitton Americas Cup Challenger Series 2017

Emirates Team New Zealand and No. 8 wire

Emirates Team New Zealand almost succumbed to the threat of the Bermuda Triangle! Between Land Rover BAR and the Start Line, Emirates Team New Zealand made up the third point of the triangle!

Rumour has it that the ring of Number 8 wire saved the day!

Number 8 wire: The term “Number 8 wire” came to represent the ingenuity and resourcefulness of New Zealanders, and the phrase “a Number 8 wire mentality” evolved to denote an ability to create or repair machinery using whatever scrap materials are available to hand.

Having that Number 8 wire mindset is what kiwis are known for – the willingness to challenge the norm, use unexpected approaches to solve problems and embrace challenges are what define us kiwis. We are a people of lateral thinking – it’s in our DNA!

……………there is now a shortage of Number 8 wire in New Zealand…………

But it was worth it. Go well Emirates Team New Zealand!

Check out this great Mitre 10 advertisement from yes you guessed it! 200’8′


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