Take one: Kiwifruit

Growing on the vine in NZ

Suggestions on ripening kiwifruit!
Take your kiwifruit (or chinese gooseberry as many NZers still call it!)
* It changed from the chinese gooseberry to kiwifruit around 1959.
* The first chinese gooseberry was brought into New Zealand in 1906 – yes you guessed it – from China!

Take one kiwifruit and an apple or a banana. Bananas and apples are ethylene producers – this is a chemical which help fruits to ripen – so once you have ‘peared’ – yes pears work as well! – your kiwifruit with one of these pieces of ethylene producing fruits grab one of those paper bags that you have stored somewhere in the back of your second drawer, pop them in; the ripening process will begin. Store them somewhere warm but not in direct sunlight.

This works for me! Or I keep them spread out in a bowl with apples and bananas placed upon them.

The kiwifruit is so full of goodness – vitamin C, vitamin E and dietary fiber. In addition, kiwifruit is an unusual supplier of some new researched trace minerals including Manganese, essential to the enzymes involved in the body’s use of protein and food energy, and Chromium, known to be a key factor in regulating the heartbeat and the body’s use of carbohydrates.

It is also great for marinating meat prior to putting on the barbeque

The kiwifruit are a little like the country they are named after – they can be stubborn when it comes to ripening, so make sure you give them enough time and they’ll come round!


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