The sense that tells you ….

... but does it?

We all know we shouldn’t do it without at least looking first. Human nature tells us, “No, pull it out fully before you put your hand in,” but we don’t.

It’s the same when we hold our hand under the tap, waiting for it to get hot, hot enough to what? Burn us? But yes we hold it there just that little bit longer until the inevitable happens – we get burnt.

It’s similar to a relationship. You hang on and hang on; thinking it’s going to get better….. here comes that burning feeling again!

It’s that part of the tongue that you allow the hottest  piece of sauce or soup to touch. How many times do you tell yourself, but you still do it. Your brain is saying: …it’s going to be hot…. this is going to hurt you … hey? I’ve warned you before but you won’t listen to me… this little morsel is going to burn the bejeezus out of your tongue. You’re going to wave it around trying to cool it. You’re going to grab a glass of cooling water and stick your tongue in as far as you can .. the neighbour’s school aged child can see you through the kitchen window. They can you see you waving your tongue around in  a glass with your eyes bulging .. and they’re eyes are now bulging as they back away to tell someone that the neighbour is doing something really strange with his tongue and a glass! .. Yep.. it’s me your brain telling you not to do it!

Listen to your brain,; sometimes it makes sense!
It makes ‘sense’

So yes, it’s the sense that tells you that when you put your hand to the back of the drawer and you haven’t looked first, you’re bound to find something that you didn’t want to.

It’s that murky area at the back of your mind that your memory is trying to work out does it want to share or should you really just leave it, at the back of the second drawer.



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