Auckland drivers – Learn to merge-a-trois

Magnificent Auckland City waterfront

They need to learn how to merge like a zip – instead they merge like velcro!

Two scenarios –
1) The driver who doesn’t know how to merge. They haphazardly make their way into your lane in front of you using a number of ways, one is by directly turning into your path(at almost 90 degrees), so you have no choice but to let them in (yes this happened to me by a rather large BMW vehicle and the driver was just as large! Truly aggressive). And then to top it off when they themselves are going to have to do the unthinkable .. yes another merging lane appears to their left …. because they have no idea how to merge they skip this step again and pull into the outside lane thus meaning that they will never have to be the merged-into vehicle! and
2) The driver who enters far too soon. This ‘merger’ stops .. they stop right at the very very beginning of the ‘merging lane’, thus holding up all of the traffic behind them, all of the traffic spreading right back to the main arterial routes, to the minor roads with people trying to get onto the motorway. Yes they are like blood clots, stopping the flow of this huge membrane that slides around the outskirts of the city! These drivers wait and hope that someone will let them in.

I sit in my small, imported, relatively cheap car (not just cheap in value but very, very cheap on fuel consumption), and watch to the side of me as these cars mangle their way through the traffic and wonder how in the world do they manage to hold down a job if they can’t even manage a merge!

Note: The picture shows what needs to happen. You (driver A) keep traveling in YOUR lane until such times as you start to run out ie gets narrower, then you will find that the driver along your side(driver B) will let you in between them and driver C, and no one has to stop, we all just keep moving.

So if we all adhere to this simple rule, we will all get along – so to speak.

To the drivers who persistently try to ‘push’ their way in where there is no way – please take a deep breath, keep slowly moving along and then just as sure as the Crusaders are going to win this years Super competition, the driver to your side will let you in and not leave you to languish on the side of the road in the ditch (or in a bus lane!)

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