Thoughts that go bump in the night

You know what happens next.
You lie down on your favourite pillow. It might take one or two puffs and punches to have it at just the right height and fluffiness to nestle your weary head into it. Alarm set – check; kisses and cuddles with him-indoors – check.

The cat is well asleep and perfectly positioned on your leg so that any movement may invoke a wack with his paw or a nibble just to let you know who is in charge!

Sigh, and now after a busy day, sleep awaits….

Two hours later and the mind is still whirring.

For me it is not the coffee that keeps me awake. I can drink coffee at 8.30/9.30 or even 10.30 (on a non-school night) and I can fall asleep. No it is my brain. That ever thinking, analysing, one-person dialogue that does the damage.

Over the last few years my brain and I have come to agreement. When my head hits the pillow it is ‘my’ time. I switch off and I do, generally, fall into a very relaxing sleep – meaning I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to go (other things can affect the ‘bounciness’ of my waking *for another Blog!!).

This particular time though it was three hours and then three and a half.
I know what it was. I know what caused this – for my brain to be in charge again – it was because of what you have been reading (hopefully) over the last few minutes. Yes – this Blog.

The Second Drawer firmly won this battle of sleep versus Blog.
I have now placed this firmly in the Second Drawer and now know that to sleep I need to blog earlier in the evening. So that once again I am in charge, that my brain will once again surrender to our unwritten agreement, that once my head touches the pillow, it is sleep who wins the day.

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